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With acousto magnetic antennas, you can perform the most productive and successful safety for the products sold in the stores.Our acousto magnetic shop anti theft antennas which have 58Khz operation frequency are manufactured with Dexilon technology and run without being effected electronic noise or metal objects in the environment. Acousto magnetic antennas can operate as mono or TX + RX.

Makes a successful reading up to about 2 meters, does not give false alarm. You can check below information about Acousto  magnetic shop anti theft antenna, alarm remover, tag killer deactivator, DR tag, pencil tag, slipper tag, bottle tag and other protection products used for shop anti theft system;

How does the Acousto magnetic shop anti theft system work?

First, the product alarm antenna is mounted to the shop door. Shop anti theft  system antenna consists of 1 pair,as right and left. The distance between the right and left shop unti theft antenna is determined according to the tags to be used. Usually, if paper tag and DR tag will be used , the distance will be 120 cm, if the hard plastic tag will be used, the distance will be 2 meters for passing then power is supplied and mounted to the ground. Magnetic pollution in the environment is set by running the controller of the Acousto magnetic shop antitheft antenna, or sensitive reading settings is done. All products sold in the store are attached with paper tags, DR tags or Acousto magnetic alarm tags made from hard plastic. The cash register is equipped with a magnetic tag remover, a hand-held alarm tag remover, and a deactivator that disables the alarm tag. The system is now ready and available for service to users .

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