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The member tracking system allows you to know whether people who are member to a club in the places such as sports hall and fitness center, take place in the membership spaces or not. Member tracking system consists of member tracking software, a waist height turnstile or a speed gate turnstile and pdks device. In the member tracking system, widely and more oftenly fingerprint devices are used as well as  card access control and face recognition devices. Thanks to the the fingerprint technology used in fingerprint devices, with the finger print which differs according to each person’s biography, never allows for any security gap and no one can pass instead of someone else. In these systems, the preferred turnstiles are produced with stainless steel and electrostatic paint, allowing you to choose safely in allinternal and external environments.

Although there are different programs used to track members in many membership fields, these programs keep only the accounting information of the members. However, with the member tracking software written by our company, it can determine the time and date of the entry and exit of the members, you can find out which areas they are involved in.With the member tracking system software you can follow each action and what kind of service the members have been provided through reporting easily. You can send messages to the members to celebrate birthdays, holy night, holidays and other special days with the automatic message sending feature of the member tracking software. In addition, by looking at the areas where the member is logged in, you can determine which areas are relevant and let your member be aware of the discounts and campaigns in these areas. With these sms messages and emails, your member will feel himself /herself special!

Thanks to the member tracking system, you will be able to provide member tracking in areas such as gym and fitness center, while also ensuring safety. No undefined person will be able to log in, and you will never face security gap ! Moreover, member tracking system prices are also very suitable. The prices of this system vary depending on the model of the turnstile system and the personnel attendance control device model you will use. To get detailed information about the member tracking system price, you can contact our professional and experienced sales managers by dialing 0850 811 80 00. You will save time spent on member tracking system in gyms with thousands of members. The member tracking system software will allow you to save on manpower by doing all these operations on your own!