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RF Shop Anti Theft Systems works with 8.2 MHz Radio frequency. It is the most common and reliable solution for the protection of the products sold in stores against theft. Perkotek is the manufacturer of the Sensitive Radio Frequency Shop Antitheft systems which has 2 years warranty and 10 years spare parts warranty with the cheapest price.

RF Shop Anti Theft System installation and operation

Equipments of the system consist of 3 main articles which are product protection security antenna, product alarm tag and alarm removers. You can install the RF untitheft system antenna in your store enterance which is suitable for your decoration and has the design you like .The labeling process is then started.Product alarm tags such as 4x4 paper tags, 5x5 paper tags, r50 tags, round tags, golf tags, square tags, sun tags, mini tags are attached on the products.The last operation is the removal of this product alarm tags in the cash register. To deactivate the paper tags, the tag killer which is called deactivator device is used, and the magnetic tag remover is used to remove the hard tags.

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