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Do you want to open your door with a fingerprint reading device?

Among the systems used to control and save door entry and exits are undoubtedly the most popular one is fingerprint readers. This system is very easy to install and use, eliminating the weakness of giving the card to someone else. There are two methods to open the door with fingerprints.

1-Door opening with fingerprint door handle

Fingerprint reader, electronic lock and door handle are 3 in one. It is powered by the battery and does not require a battery change of up to 1,000 passes based on device specifications. It warns you that 100 passes remain in the battery and that the battery needs to be replaced. Even 10 fingers of a person can be introduced to the system. If one of the fingers deforms, one of the remaining 9 fingerprints can be used. If desired it is also possible to switch with the proximity card, the password and the classic mechanical key. The average is300  but if desired, 500 fingerprints can be introduced to the fingerprint door handle.

2-Door opening with fingerprint

The fingerprint reading terminal is mounted in a convenient location next to the door. An electronic or magnetic door lock is mounted to the door and connected to the fingerprint reader. After reading the fingerprints of the defined people are made “Tesekkürler “ (means Thank You) announce with a lady voice in Turkishand the door is unlocked by sending the trigger to the doorlock. Fingerprint devices are IP-based and can be used to get entry and exit reports from the access control software that are connected to the networkas well as all doors can be opened momentarily or all passing can be stopped. According to the shape of the door, square or rectangular fingerprint models are available, there are different kinds of recording capacity, fingerprint reading capacity, fingerprint sensor and recognition speed models that we imported can be viewed from below.