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GUSTAVO Hotel door lock systems, which are used for room doors of holiday villages, residences, boutique hotels and star hotels, operate flawlessly with its robustness and high technology. Hotel door lock systems that can read Temic and Mifare cards have different materials and lock mechanisms. The battery-operated room locks warn you during the last 100 passes, by indicating that the battery should be replaced. Thus, there will be no failure in using for the reason of going dead battery.. 25.000 passings are provided with the original batteries of hotel door lock systems. Moreover, the lock can be opened with a mechanical key even if the battery is dead. So, everything has been considered for perfect use 24/7.

When using hotel door lock systems, the receptionists are given a card encoder. The reception staff write to the card the date range which hotel customer can use the room by the card encoder .For example; Customer seems like he /she will use the hotel from day three to day nine of the month. Day nine of the month which is after the last date of use, the card will no longer unlock the room. In this way, customers will only be able to use the room during the time period that they rent it. In cases such if the cards that are used in hotel door lock systems will be lost, stolen or wearing, receptionists may cancel the cards that are currently in use and identify new cards instead. These cards can also be printed on. The room number it will be used ,hotel's logo and name can be printed on the card. This is entirely up to your preference.  By loading credit to the hotel card which is used for hotel door lock systems ,hotel customer can also possibly use it to pay for the activities and shopping in the hotel instead of money . In this way, the customers get the opportunity to participate to the activities without carrying money when they go out the room and they will never be concerned about losing risk while having fun .

The “energy saver” used in the rooms which have hotel door lock systems activates the electricity, alarm, air conditioning or water system in the room once the customer uses the coded card .In such cases if customers forget to turn off the light or faucet when they leave the room, all energy-consuming devices will be turned off following to they receive their cards while going out. In this way, the energy savers which provide very serious savings,  protect the hotel from paying unnecessary costs by stopping consumption a lot of energy and water. In the hotels where hotel door lock systems and energy saver are used, considerable energy savings are achieved. If requested, by loading credit to the room card ,hotel customer has been provided to make payment for the activities and shopping in the hotel by this card instead of money. After checking below product models of which we are manufacturer in Turkey. You can have the price quotation for the most convenient hotel locking systems according yours needs.

The hotel door lock systems which attract the attention with their robustness and quality, have been tested many times before come into use. Thus all possible problems have been eliminated. It reads the cards very quickly and offers easy access. Because of being very simple to use, every customer will be able to use hotel door lock systems easily. We as Perkotek Technology Company has been manufacturing Gustavo hotel door lock systems in Turkey since the day we were founded. Because of this, the price of these locks is very convenient in our company. Why would you have to pay very high costs by buying from out? Nowadays, hotel door lock systems, which have a much wider usage area from the five star hotels to the boutiques, will be used for the purpose of having your customers’ confidence to the safety of your hotel and making accomodation repeated times. All you have to do is contact us by dialing our phone numbers. Thanks to top quality hotel door lock systems, hotel rooms are 100% safe!