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Hand-held metal body search detectors detect the metals on the person’s body in the passing zones to ensure safety. Metal search detectors are collected under the 3 titles as  walkthrough metal detector, x-ray device and hand-held metal body search detectors .In the zones which have security guards availability, in case of  suspecting from people who pass through the walkthrough metal door detectors,Hand-held metal detectors allow security guards to make search again, quickly and in good quality.The hand-held metal body search detectors which operates with the frequency of 22 Khz  give a vibration warning. This is how they provide metal detection. Thanks to its high sensitivity, metal detectors can detect even the smallest metal objects and increase your safety to 100%.In addition, these detectors can continue to run for a very long time after being charged until their battery power will be almost dead. Hand-held metal search detectors, which simplifies to use with being rechargeable are frequently preffered in shopping malls, plazas, holdings, company entrances. Especially in underground trains and metrobus stations, security guards can easily detect metal objects by just aproaching the device to the ladies' handbags instead of making search inside of them   .

Hand-held metal body detectors which have a large scanning area can detect small metal parts closely and even large metal parts remotely. Hand-held metal detectors manufactured with advanced technology warn security personnel with their vibrations when they detect metal and thus prevent possible dangerous situations and ensure security. Detectors that can easily detect iron and other metals are specialized in the detection of cutting and drilling tools such as knives and weapons. By means of their leather cases,hand-held metal body search detectors provide you long years of usage without any problem. Comfortable,leather and portable caseallows long life run by protecting the detector. Hand-held metal body search detectors are very simple to use which can be used for body search at examinations in our country. They are also used in public institutions, airports, hotels, municipalities, prisons and so on.

The hand-held detectors, which have a very high quality design, allow the metal component to be easily detected wherever it is located on the person’s body. In addition, these detectors do not emit radiation and do not harm pregnant women. Handheld detectors, a tremendous product in every respect, are a great solution for making precise scans. Our company Perkotek has been manufacturing SECUDA hand-held metal detectors since his foundation. We performed sales and after sales services of the hand-held detectors in Turkey and 16 different countries till now.You should also use hand held metal detectors for your safety .No need to complain about prices! We, as the family of Perkotek offer you competitive and attractive prices. To buy hand-held metal body search detectors , call us without losing time and enjoy the confidence.