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Shop antitheft systems are used to protect the products in your shops. These systems consist of shop untitheft antenna, product alarm tags and product alarm tag remover. Shop anti theft systems are used not only in clothing stores, but also in electronic shops or markets. The places where shop anti theft system antennas are preferred have pointed out that   the only presence of these systems itself prevents theft cases. If the products are desired to be taken out from the shop without  removing the tags fixed on them ,shop untitheft antennas warn the shop staff by audible alarm, thus safety is provided by preventing the theft cases up to 100%.

Shop Anti Theft Antennas

Shop anti theft systems antennas operate with radio frequency. The casing of the shop untitheft antennas which have a sensing capacity of up to 2 meters in environments without interference is made of ABS plastic. Especially, store owners, who pays special attention to their store decorations, prefer to use the casings of these products in  transparent color. In addition, you can see that the casings of antennas are also used as advertising signs in different stores. No matter how intensive your shop entrances are , these antennas opreate with 100% performance to detect products fixed with tags. You can also change the alarm volume and sensitivity setting of the antennas by yourself. In addition to being very simple to use, they are very simple to install and can be installed in a very short time. Our company Perkotek is the manufacturer of SENSITIVE shop antitheft systems which offers security solutions for the stores since its foundation. You'll see by trying that these products will maximize your safety. Moreover, the prices of the shop untitheft antennas are also very convenient and they never exceed your budget. You can get the most appropriate and attractive price from our sales consultants by calling us.

Shop Anti Theft Alarm Labels

Shop anti theft  systems alarm tags operateswith 8.2 MHz radio frequency. These labels are seperated into 2 types as paper and plastic. Paper labels are used as being sticked on the products. These labels have a fake barcode defined to  the shop antitheft antenna. If the product is desired to be taken out from the shop without reading the tag ,shop untitheft antenna will sound audible alarm. For this reason, paper tags must be deactivated before they are taken out from the store. Plastic tags are used by punching the product. These tags are fixed to the product and very difficult to remove without tag remover. If the tag remover is not used, the product may be damaged when removing the plastic tag.

Shop Antitheft Alarm Tag Remover

Shop antitheft systems alarm tag remover is the equipment used for removing plastic and paper tags. The paper tag killer is used to deactivate the paper tags and the magnetic tag remover is used to remove the plastic tags. The tag removers are used by the shop staff. After the product is purchased, the tags are removed in the cash register section.