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You have an elevator and you don't want everyone to go to every floor? You only want people to whom you have given authorisation to be able to visit the authorisation given floors by the elevator?If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place.

With the Perkotek Card elevator floor authorization system, you can customize the floors for each person that you wish. You can use the floor authorization system as offline or in connection with the computer, and you can report the people who visit which floor and what time.

Installation and use of elevator authorization system with card reader

The elevator authorisation panel is installed to the elevator machine room or a suitable location. Elevator authorization panel can authorize cards defined up to 10 floors. If the stops number on the floors are more than 10 ,then you can increase the number of the stops limitlessly by using more than single panel as being entegrated to each other.A card reader is installed into the elevator cabinet. A cat6 cable is installed between the elevator authorization panel and the elevator card reader. It is extremely easy to install this cable becuase from the machine room to the elevator cabinet, the data and the power cables are already connected to run the elevator,and the only thing that needs to be done is to connect the cat6 cable to the previously installed cables. Elevator floor authorization software is loaded to any computer used in the company and from now on the system is ready for use .

Elevator card is given to incoming guests instead of their taken IDs. The card is coded to be able to visit which floors and in between which hours by the programme. As a result of the entered settings ,the access of the elevator card user, is provided for certain days of the week at certain time intervals to certain floors .When the user get on the elevator, he makes his card readfirstly and the power comes to the floors that he can use according to the degree of authority defined and provides the usage by pressing the desired buttons. No matter if he pushes the unauthorised floor buttons, elevator does not move to those places

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