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    Face Recognition Door Opening Systems

    Face recognition systems are certainly , the most advanced and easy to use systems among biometric systems. With face recognition systems, you can apply personnel attendance control or provide entry-exit controls. In addition, with these systems you can open turnstile, barrier and doors by giving a trigger. By means of using the lock which is compatible with your door, you can open your door by transmitting authorization from the face recognition device to it. The different models and sizes of these systems allow you to choose for different areas such as company, plaza, holding, airport. The recording capacities of the face recognition devices also vary according to the device. You can learn the prices of our face recognition devices which you can register from 500 to 3,000 faces from our sales consultants.

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    Fingerprint Door Opening Systems

    Fingerprint door opening systems can be use together with minibus control, student control, toilet control, cafeteria control and personnel attendance control softwares as well as face recognition terminals. Fingerprint systems ensure absolute security thanks to the unique nature of our fingerprint. The different device models of these systems also offer the possibility to pass with cards and passwords. With your fingerprint, you can open the turnstile, barriers and doors by triggering. You should also use a lock on your doors to open your doors with devices. You can also open your doors by using fingerprint door handle lock systems.

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    Password and Card Door Opening Systems

    Password and card door opening systems can be used with all personnel attendance control systems. The devices used in these systems allow you to pass with password or card. If you want to pass with a password, a 6 digit login password must be set for users. At the time of entry ,by typing this password on the device that person gives trigger to the door and open it. As for card systems, a different card is defined for each user and the user can pass with these cards. When the card is read to the device, the door opens if it is defined. Card systems are classified as standalone, panelled, online and offline systems. Also ,by applying any print you wish on the cards which will be used for those systems ,you can use them as ID cards.

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    Electronic and Magnetic Door Locks

    By using Locking systems with Fingerprint, face recognition and card access control systems and control softwares, it is provided you to trigger your doors . You can choose different models of lock systems for your glass, wood, metal and PVC doors. Door control systems which have become indispensable for safety passings, can be adapted to your door by using with the appropriate apparatus to the lock. You can also control these locks with buttons . You can open your doors with the button which you will locate next to your table without leaving your place when the door is knocked.

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    Hotel Door Lock with Card

    Hotel room door lock systems provide security in your hotels. The hotel lock adapts to your decoration with different color and model options. These locks allow you to pass with cards. Accomodation time of visitor is defined to the cards at the reception,and these cards will not open the door when time will be completed. Hotel locks, which become indispensable for security have two optional arms as right and left and for each door they should be used as 2 pcs one for indoor,other for outdoor. The durability of these locks have been proven by testing and they operate with standard batteries. With a battery you can open the door for about six months.

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    Access Control Programme

    By using access control program with fingerprint, face recognition and card access control devices ,it has been aimed to provide access control. The main purpose of this program is to enable users and upcoming guests to take part in their respective fields of activity. The control programme reporting which has been created due to facing difficulties to follow the passings with the paper and pencil, allow you to see who ,how many times has entered in and exited out during the day. In addition,if you also have different entry and exit points; you can also get reports according to entry points.

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