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Card access control systems are generally used for personnel attendance control. The cards and the printings on them to be used in card systems for this purpose especially in the companies have a great importance. You can use these cards as a identification card by adding staff information on them. You can also make your staff to carry on these cards through lanyards for the same using purpose .Apart from that you should also use a card protector to ensure that every printing you apply by using card printing printers to be permanent and robust, depending on being the proximity or mifare card speciality of all the cards that you will use. The ribbons that you will use in card printers are also diversified as colored and black ribbons and these ribbons have different models according to the printer. The consumables that you can use with all card access control systems are listed as shown below. You can contact us by dialing our number 0850 811 80 00  to get the product you want to use with reasonable prices!