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Card access control systems are the most frequently used one for personnel attendance control. These systems are located in the areas where personnel will enter and exit. In addition, with card access control systems you can give the trigger to turnstile, door and barrier. The cards used in these systems are proximity or mifare cards. You can print on these cards anything you wish. How? With card printer! Card printing machines are especially preferred for printing cards which will be used for personnel attendance control. By printing both sides of these cards , you can ensure that your employees use their cards not only at the entrances and exits but also they can carry on those ones with lanyard as ID cards during the meeting with your customers.

You can print name, surname, company name, department of working info on the front surface of your card , add your logo back side of it  with double side card printers. So why should you use double side card printers ? Especially if you will make personnel attendance control with card systems; you need to print on new cards that will be used in cases such as card wearing, new recruitment or card breakage or loss . When these card prints are continuously refreshed, it causes an extra printing cost to companies. Here ,we provide you solution to save this cost with the card-printer! The double side card printer gives you the opportunity to save the card costs by amortising for itself in a short time like 1 year.

You can also make your prints in black and white or colored, thanks to double-sided card printers. The colored and black ribbons of card printer which allows you to exhibit your own designs, are also very suitable and will certainly make save you a lot of money compared to printing the cards from outsource. Are you saying that I have no idea about designing? Then you can use existing ready designs. By means of double side card printers which can print with minimum 300 dpi resolution ,your photo printings on your cards will be in high quality printing .

Thanks to the double side card printers, your company will save a lot of money by printing 1400 black prints  and 10 colored prints per hour. The double-side card printers which have also USB ports will be provided for your service with a very competitive prices and will never force your budget! To get a quotationyou can contact us via our web site or call 0850 811 80 00.