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Otopark HGS Ogs araç giriş çıkış sistemi

HGS passing systems which are designed to make parking lot entries and exits faster and more secure increases its importance day by day. Especially you can allow vehicles which you have previously given approval for entry to and exit from the parking lots of the apartments, sites and workplace to enter fastly and let the foreign or visitor vehicles pass under control.  

Automatic passing system consists of Car Parking barrier, OGS - HGS car parking antenna, automatic vehicle access control panel, vehicle glass and license plate labels and parking entrance exit programme.

How does the OGS and HGS system work?

UHF Antennas can be connected up to 50 meters to the entrance and exit of the car park. The vehicles that will be allowed to pass are also given OGS / HGS sticker paper or plastic tags. These labels are defined together with the license plate, vehicle license information, flat owner information and other details to the car parking vehicle access control programme. The defined vehicle information is sent to the car parking access control panel via a TCP / IP connection.

Now the system is ready for use,car parking antenna  sees  the vehicle which wants to pass with the defined label and triggers the parking barrier and allows the vehicle to enter or exit  fastly without stopping. No foreigner or guests who do not have an OGS HGS tag are allowed to pass. You can check our products which consist this system from below, you can call our company and ask price offer for the system which is most suitable for you.




At the site entrance gates ,the biggest error fallen into by the private security officers is to open the parking barrier and allow entry to parking lot for the people who say that they live in there or act roughy or  those who come with a luxury vehicle without stopping them and before having clear identification .Sites, plazas, offices and business centers especially bring their safety into  the forefront , but they leave security only on the initiative of security officials. Why do not you get an AVAX OGS HGS car park safely and fastly entry & exit system  and leave the security to the innovator of this business . With our car parking automatic passing system, you can identify the vehicles to be used for each flat and prevent entering of more vehicles. This is especially important for offices and business centers with limited parking space. For example, you have 3 vehicles but 2 parking spaces have been reserved for you. Our OGS System provides entry permit to any 2 vehicles at the same time and prevents the passing of the third vehicle.

If you have previously purchased a car parking barrier and if it operates healthy, our technical team can check the barrier and integrate it into our AVAX Parking HGS access control system if it is compatible. Our company which provides spare parts guarantee for 10 years and 2 years warranty is Turkey prodactor of these products.