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Metal detectors are used for the determination the places of metals on persons’body. This will ensure security and access control. The walkthrough metal body search detector can be met in public institutions, airports, military, municipalities, plazas, holdings, shopping centers and many other similar areas. So how do metal detectors detect metal? Namely; These detectors have security ZONES. When a person is passing from the walkthrough detector,these zones center on where the metal object is and gives an audible and illuminated alarm. As the zone increases, the metal detecting level of the walkthrough detectors rises and therefore safety maximizes.

Walkthrough Metal detectors are manufactured as water resistant. You can prefer these detectors for your safety whether for indoor or outdoor use with confidence. Moreover, you can eliminate metal objects such as belts, coins and buckles ,thanks to the sensitivity setting. You can adjust the sensitivity level as desired. In addition to being simple to use, the installation of SECUDA walkthrough metal detectors which is as simple as that much, can be made in a short time such 10 mins. You can also change the sound level of the alarm given during metal detection.

The walkthrough metal search detectors produced with the latest technology allow persons to pass by leaving the metal items such as telephone on the table next to them. Moreover, it has been proved that being safety and it does not give harm by emitting radiation. Especially,pregnant women will not be exposed to radiation while passing from walkthrough metal detectors. These detectors, which simplify to use with the metal density and the adjustable metal dimensions, allow you to synchronize the parasite on the left and right feet with the interference controller. With 255 different sensitivity levels, you can easily adjust the most appropriate passing alarm. These detectors work with 100% performance even in fast and intensive passes, providing daily information to users by showing how many passes done and how many times the alarm has been played. All settings can also be changed by using the remote control. In addition, the passing dimension of these detectors varies according to different models and you can have the desired passing size.

Don't waste time! Secure your environment with the walkthrough metal body search detector. Detect all cutting tools such as knives, guns, pistols with sensitive settings and prevent all dangerous situations! Moreover. Perkotek is the manufacturer of the SECUDA walkthrough metal body search detector in Turkey and the product has suitable prices with 2 years of guaranteed. We offer you the most attractive prices for walkthrough metal detector  and we promise you security with walkthrough metal detectors which have high quality certificates. For detailed information, you can contact us through our website or keep in touch with our experienced, expert and professional sales managers by calling 0850 811 80 00!