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Face recognition systems are classified as biometric systems produced with the latest technology. Face recognition systems are used in many different areas. Although they are frequently used for personnel attendance control, they are also frequently preferred for access control or security purposes. How do face recognition systems work? These Firstly , person’s face is recorded to the system  . These devices do face recognition in 3D. You can also use face recognition systems with turnstile, barrier or doors located in the area to enter and exit. Face recognition systems, which can be used with all access control software, are preferred more oftenly for the purpose of door control. The fact that instead of the defined person , someone else can not pass by reading the face ,increases the prefability rate of face recognition systems usage on door access control.

To open the door with Face recognition systems ,firstly the person's face is defined to the device. The device identifies a different ID number for each defined face. This ID number is just like T.C. ID number ,only belongs to that user . Different IDs are defined for different users.. When the person makes device read his / her  face, the defined ID is transferred to the personel attendance software used. When the software detects that this ID is registered, the door opens. If the person's face is not defined, the door will not open. With This way, you can prevent foreigners from entering the areas you will use. Face recognition systems that you can use in harmony with all control programmes offer different solutions to your needs with different recording capacities. Do you have 100 employees? Or 1,000? It does not matter! Face recognition systems with different models will provide you solutions for all these needs.

Processors used in face recognition systems are also manufactured with the latest technology, so you will be recognized in 0.1 seconds! In addition, there is no touch in these systems ,because of just looking at the device from long distance with your face,you can use them many years without problems. The recording capacity of these systems is between 3,000 and 5,000. Face recognition, which is a great solution to open your doors, allows you to communicate between the locations even if you have more than one company or branch office. Moreover, it will not disrupt the decoration in all areas that you will use with its different designs, on contrary it will add color to your decor. You can reach us from our phone number if you want to get detailed information about the prices of face recognition systems which also facilitates your use with its large screens. Perkotek is the manufacturer of MAGIC FACE face recognition systems in Turkey.The reason why MAGIC FACE is one of the most successful solutions among face recognition systems is that these devices are extremely high quality and fast. Don't waste any time and contact us and give your doors a trigger with face recognition devices. You'll get rid of the keep and carry the keys and you will be happy when you open the door by triggering with your eyes .