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Computer-connectionguard tour control systems are used in all areas where safety is required and the area of application is quite large. Guard tour systems are used to control security guards in all areas where they are located. These systems consist of tour and slot card, tour point and guard control pen.To use these systems, firstly, tour points and tour cards are defined to the programme. The guards are obliged to make read the cards when they are going to start the tour. After the registration is completed, checkpoints are placed on the areas where the guards will patrol. When the guards arrive in the checkpoints, the guard control pen can be read at these points and that moment and date are reported. Especially in areas where control points will be placed, it should be ensured that there is no conductive material such as metal or iron. The guards will have to start from the first checkpoint and reach to the final checkpoint and when they complete the reading process ,the tour will end .

Guard tour pen has been subjected to high quality inspection and tested in hard conditions. These items have been proven to be durable; they can continue to operate no matter if they fall down or thrown to the ground. In addition, they can be use safely with waterproof feature in all the bad weather conditions.It gives information to the user by giving warning with light and vibration during reading. Guard tour systems, which are preferred more frequently in the places where night watchers are taking place, are started being used more and more widely. You can choose these systems with confidence in sites, plazas, holdings or shopping centers .Furthermore , no matter if the pen runs out of battery, it can safely store the information inside of it for 3 years, so you will not have any data loss. In addition, the addressing feature allows you to control only the areas you want.

Guard control systems produced with high quality certificates and have been proved by using in areas where security is needed ,as a result, the number of cases has decreased. Moreover, you can get an angle of field of view at night by using the guard tour pens as a flashlight. Today, although the need for this system increases every day, individuals have started to use them after facing the cases. Why do you wait? Don't risk your safety! You'll be comfortable with Guard  tour control systems that you'll buy with suitable price. Moreover, the prices of guard tour control systems are also very competitive. You can use these systems with your all operating systems Win98 and next. With integrated software you will be able to see where your guard is at any time. You can call us from 0850 811 80 00 to get detailed information about the security patrol control system prices or to get information about the system. Our specialist sales managers will offer you the ideal solution and suitable price! Don't waste your time and enjoy the safety and peace with the security guard tour system .