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The cafeteria tracking system is used to control meal rights by regulating. With the cafeteria tracking systems, it is possible to follow simply which of your employees are having meals, at what times and on which days in your company . How Does? Namely; first of all, we should mention the content of the cafeteria tracking system . Cafeteria tracking system consists of cafeteria software, waist height  or speed gate turnstile and a personnel attendance control device. First of all, turnstiles are placed in the entrance areas of the dining halls. If desired, turnstiles can be replaced not only the entrance and but also to the exit areas. Any of face recognition, fingerprint and card access control devices can be used in comply with access through turnstiles  . The users must first identify their fingerprints, make their cards read or show their faces when they arrive in the turnstiles to access .Otherwise, the turnstile arm will not rotate and no passing permission will be granted.

One of the biggest reasons for the use of turnstile systems in dining halls is that it can restrict access to a certain area. In this way, control will be ensured and disturbances in the entrances of the dining halls will be prevented. So, with the tracking software, only staff entering and exiting times to/from dining hall can be displayed ? No. With the cafeteria tracking software, you can limit the number of meals served to the staff. You can make a restriction as “Ali Koc can have 5 times of meals in a date period”. In addition, staff may be restricted to have meals outside of except those given certain hours if requested. Especially if there are working shifts in companies, it is inevitable to use the cafeteria tracking system. Because between 08.00 in the morning  and 16.00 o'clock afternoon,an employee who has the right to have meal once ,can have another meal after following to finish working day after 16.00 pm. In order to avoid such situations, the cafeteria tracking system is safely preferred in all dining halls in every area and each sector.

Thanks to the cafeteria tracking system software, you can organize the meals in the dining hall in a simple way according to the department that your personnel work or working hours . You can get these reports as you like, daily, weekly and monthly reports. Moreover, the use of the cafeteria tracking software is also very simple, and thanks to its simple interface,it can be easily used by all end users who will be trained in a short time .

You can get in touch with us by calling 0850 811 80 00 to get detailed information about the cafeteria tracking system or send us an e-mail to the communication section of our website and you can get answers to all the questions you are wondering about the cafeteria tracking software. Why are you wasting more time in your dining halls? Call now and keep your cafeterias under control with ideal solutions!