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Parking lot barrier systems are used to provide security in car parks. Nowadays, almost every car park has barrier systems. In addition to safety, the barrier systems which provide access control of vehicles ,with their casings made of electrostatic painted or stainless steel body are preferred with safety in all environments indoor and outdoor. Moreover, the arm lengths of these barriers vary according to the width of the area you will use, providing a suitable solution to your every need. Avax car parking barriers bring easiness in use by being operated with remote control.

You can safely protect your car parking lots located in sites, airports, holdings, business centers, plazas, and in all areas with Avax car parking barriers. In addition, you can provide barrier opening and closing at any time you want with time control feature of Avax barriers. Avax barriers can also be triggered by using fingerprint, face recognition or card access control systems. These barriers block the motion sensor if the barrier arm stops on the vehicle while passing. No remote control can also operate the barrier. When the vehicle completes passing, the barrier arm continues to close. Barrier systems that increase the safety to 100% with sensor control and has also free passing mode in case of emergency alarm situations. In case of alarm situations such as fire, earthquake or disaster, even if the trigger is given to the barrier arm by remote control, the command will not be processed and free passing is provided automatically. Avax barriers, which are quite simple to be installed as well as their usage, are continuously flashing with warning lamp during the up and down movement of the barrier arm and keep informed the user. Depending on the customer's request, you can provide the required supply voltage conditions for these barrier systems. The prices of the barrier systems, which offer a decorative appearance with different color options, vary according to the barrier model.

Why would you just leave your security on the initiative of your security officer? You will always be under control and safety with fast, high quality and robust parking barriers. Moreover our company is the manufacturer of Avax parking barriers in Turkey as well as their prices is quite suitable.We have been selling Avax car parking barriers to the territory including whole Turkey and the Turkic Republics and also 16 countries and provide after-sales service. If you also want to increase your security,  get special and the most appropriate price offer from our expert and professional sales consultants and start enjoying the safety and control with Avax parking barriers!