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Student attendance control systemsare used for tracking the students in primary school, secondary school, high school, university and dormitories and to watch their absenteeism. These systems consist of student attendance control software, waist turnstile or speed gate turnstile and pdks device.Although fingerprint devices are generally used in student attendance control systems,  face recognition and card access control devices can also be used. However, card systems usage for student attandance control have been decreased because of the fact that the students make the card read instead someone else. Fingerprint devices are more oftenly preferred because the fingerprint which has been used for access differs according to the person’s biography and it makes the security level to highest point .

So, what is the student attendance control software? Student attendance control software is a specially written program for the use with all Windows operating systems. This program is very simple to install and use. Thanks to its simple interface, the student attendance control software has provided opportunity to the end user to easily use after a short training. What is the function of the student attendance control software ? By means of student attendance control software, you can follow up entering and exiting hours of the students and find out which lessons they do not attend or if they stay at dormitory then you can see which hours they enter . In cases such as student absenteeism, by sending a message to parents via SMS service, it is also possible to inform them absenteeism details. These systems, which we  frequently meet in classrooms, will increase the attendance discipline of students.

With student attendance control software, you can prepare reports according to the student's entry hours and the attended section by checking the features. Moreover, you can use the student attendance control software in different computers as multiple users. You can safely use the student attendance control software which is a simple interface with the Avax waist height turnstile which is manufactured in our company. Moreover, besides the feature of sms sending service of the student attendance control software, you can also send e-mails to the parents of the students instead of sms messages with the available email feature of the programme.

To get detailed information about the student attendance control system, you can contact with our expert and experienced sales consultants by calling 0850 811 80 00. You can also contact us through the communication section of our website. You will see that  in the areas where you use the student attendance control system, students will increase their attendance rates by paying more attention to the entry and exit hours and a discipline will be achieved. Why will you have to work for long hours for attendance control in the dormitories and schools where thousands of students take part? All you have to do is calling us and reduce the attendance control process to much simpler conditions. Do not waste time and contact us immediately!