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The under-vehicle search mirror used for safety and control is the product used to determine whether hazardous materials (knives, bombs, guns, etc.) are placed under the vehicles passing through the barriers. The under-vehicle search mirror used by the security guards in the car parks is usually a product preferred by security companies. In addition, it is also used in government offices, plazas, sites, shopping centers, military areas, police stations, automobile repair shops, private enterprises and similar areas. Your safety will be 100%  with the under-vehicle search mirror, which has become a must for security.

The under-vehicle search mirror is designed as a convex for more comfortable use. With the led flash light positioned above the vehicle's search mirror, the search made at night are performed more simply. The ergonomic design of the under vehicle search mirror and the holder for hand  are ideal for continuous use and provide great comfort in use. The under-vehicle search mirror sold by Perkotek has battery-powered flashlight. The flashlight can operate with a standard AAA battery. It also has an electrostatic painted pipe body profile. Since the holding area is covered with plastic, it never gives damage to hand for continuous use. So ,How is under vehicle search mirror used ? This mirror is being hold under the vehicles which will enter to your parking lot.Although the luggage of the vehicles are controlled by security guards; hazardous material entry to parking lot sor any area that you will provide for use,can be hidden underneath the vehicles. With the under-vehicle search mirror you can safely choose to eliminate such dangerous situations, you can instantly detect the dangers under the vehicles.

Thanks to the spherical omni-directional wheel of the under vehicle search mirror, it will be very simple to control all parts of the vehicle from start to finish. It has been produced by taking into account eveythingforthe simple use of the security guard, you can ensure your safety with the under-vehicle search mirror. Moreover, the handle is adjustable and the quality of the visual acuity is very sharp. Under vehicle search mirrors, which come up with great lighting at night can be safely used in embassies, in the entrance areas of factories and in any entry area you can think of. With different models of under-vehicle search mirror, you can create wonders in many areas.

Perkotek has produced many solutions for vehicle safety since its foundation. One of the most preferred among these is the under-vehicle search mirror AVAX. Perkotek is manufacturer of AVAX under vehicle search mirror in Turkey. If you want to ensure your safety with the Avax under-vehicle search mirror, you can contact us by calling 0850 811 80 00. Why would you risk your safety by losing your time? Contact us through our phone numbers and you'll get great solutions! Do not waste your time and buy Avax under vehicle search mirrors from Turkey manufacturer. Our sales managers will give you the cheapest price offer for this product!