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Guard control systems operate with a computer and identify where the guards are located. Guard control systems can be preferred in all areas where safety is required. You can choose these systems with high quality certificates on sites, consulates, military and shopping centers. They are also very simple to use and can easily be used after a short training. Especially,in case of suspecting that if night watchman visit the points that he should check during working hours or not while you asleep ,guard tour systems are just right choice for you!

    PERGUARD LAMPED Guard Tour Pen

    Perguard guard tour system consists of guard control board, control points and guard pen, and used for guard tracking. The guard control pen used in this system will give an audible, lighted and vibrating warning when it is read to the control points. Since the casing is produced from hard aluminium, it is not damaged and can continue its operation even it is dropped or fall down.As a result of being tested and subjected to heavy impacts, Perguard guard tour pen has been proven to be able to continue its operation even in all bad weather conditions. Moreover, they can read 30,000 times with a single charge. Even if the battery dies, you will not be able to lose data because it can store the last 10,000 data.

    Guard Tour Proximity Guard Patrol Tour Control System

    You will be able to report the impacts on Guard Tour Pen surface which are caused your security guard either voluntarily or unintentionally! How ? Guard Tour System allows you to report the impacts that have been received by the pen through a software. Do you doubt your safety? Then purchase these systems immediately by checking. You will now be able to find out more easily if your guard is located at the point you want to check during working hours. No need to review the camera records for hours! When your guard reads the tour pen to the checkpoints, the guard control software will report you by receiving that the time and day of that moment .It is enough for the watchman to bring the pen closer to the control point only from a distance of 5-7 cm. Moreover, due to being made of stainless steel ,this pen can continue its operation although all bad weather conditions.

    GuardX 505 Proximity Guard Patrol Tour Control System

    GuardX guard tour system consists of guard tour pen, control point, identification card, installation CD, pen case, transmission cable and charging adaptor. The pen used in this system operates under safety and is waterproof featured although the bad weather conditions. It warns the user when the battery is running out of charge or near to the filling entire memory. You can see the number of impact times that has been received by the pen, the incidents that occurred during the tour and the areas in which the guard is located during working hours through reporting .Due to being made of stainless steel, pen is very durable. The guards must read their cards before they start the tour . During the tour, they visit all the control points and read the pen and complete the tour in this way.Moreover, the prices of these systems are also very suitable . You can get detailed information about this guard tour system from our specialist sales managers.