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Speed gate turnstiles are used in the places where rapid entry and exit are needed ,without meeting any obstacle  such as tripod turnstile arm and in comply with the installed place decoration and where the elegancy is prioritized.

Speed gate turnstile systems, which you can easily pass through with suitcases, bags, wheelbarrows or wheelchairs, have a plexiglass obstacle and by opening to the right and left for people who has authorization, like a small sliding door, and it lefts a net passing area to the user,. Fast entry and exit turnstiles which are also called as hidden gate turnstile, can be used with a card reader, fingerprint reader and face recognition system as increased security level, if desired. It can be opened and closed by remote control or button as optional

Quality standards and safety of speed gate turnstile systems!

The AVAX access control turnstiles which are made of stainless steel operate quietly and comfortably. Our models which have TSEK and ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificates and are manufactured in Turkey with domestic capital can also be manufactured with additional features in line with our customers demands. Our turnstile systems which have a minimum 60 cm passing area are designed as microprocessor controlled and can operate as connected to security systems. (Automatic free escape in case of fire, earthquake and similar emergencies)

While the person is passing from the turnstile ,in case of waiting in front of it or if carried bags or similar personal belongings left inside, although passing is completed,including triggering the turnstile with any control mechanism , the arm movement is prevented by safety sensors and possible accidents or unpleasantness are avoided.

Speed Gate Turnstile Prices

You can check the high speed turnstiles with more stylish designs compared to each other  from below, and if you also wish ,you can request our best prices by contacting with us.