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Perkotek Plaza

In the field of electronic security systems that has been developing with extraordinary speed in our century, Perkotek Technology has been recognized as Turkey's most known and preferred company with his brands and rapidly increasing the market share in foreign countries by export sales ,continues to pioneering breakthrough as non stop with  the experience of 21 years in the industry. We have been developing our productions with approximately 60 staff in our own 11 storey plaza with 8.500 m2 area and exporting to more than 40 different countries .

PERKOTEK TEKNOLOJI DIS TIC.A.S is a company that created her own standarts with a reliable, stable and professional imaging, and a leader exemplary for the competitors , thanks to  3210 Dealers throughout Turkey and efficient& successful cooperation with domestic and overseas customers exceeding 100,000.

Today, Perkotek offers innovative products to the customers in the areas such as Personnel Attendance Control Technology, Door Opening Systems, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Card and Password passing, Turnstile Systems, Shop Untitheft Systems, Car Parking Barrier Systems, Baggage Scanner Xray devices, Walkthrough Metal Body Search Detectors, Guard Tour Control Systems , Hotel Lock Systems .

 We have succeeded to be always the first preffered company by being able to provide high-quality products and after-sales services to our customers. However, we are aware of that protecting and improving standards is very important to raise the bar.

 Our basic principle is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity, to achieve high quality with current technology and to fulfill our social responsibilities before our commercial targets. In line with our basic quality principles, we aim to strengthen our leadership position in the market by continuously improving ourselves in the field of electronic control systems.

As Perkotek A.S. , by providing the best after sales services to our customers,  always keep save their trust in our company at the highest level and we share with you our Turkish brands which are preferred in worldwide such as SECUDA, MAGIC PASS, MAGIC FACE, AVAX, GUSTAVO, GUARD TOUR, SENSITIVE, STRIKE, MINA .


Let us guide the future and the market together.










  • Magic Vein
    Vein Recognition Device
  • Magic Face
    Face Recognition Systems
  • Magic Pass
    Fingerprint Systems
  • Strike
    Card Access Systems and Locks
  • Secuda
    Magnetic Body Search Detectors
  • Avax
    Parking Barrier Systems
  • AmericanTechnology
    Store Product Security Systems
  • Gustavo Otel Kilit Sistemleri
    Hotel Lock Automation
  • Mina
    Manual Time Recorder
  • Guard Tour
    Security Tour Systems
  • Guard Tour
    Patrol Tracking Systems
  • Respect