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MAGIC VEIN Palm Recognition Systems are ideal for places where maximum security and flawless authentication is required. It works by recognizing the veins in the palm that we call the moon. The vascular structure in the palm of each person is unique and the physiology is unique. Wear and injuries in the palm of the system does not prevent the healthy operation of the system. MAGIC VEIN has the ability to distinguish between live and non-living palm vein recognition systems.
According to fingerprint and face recognition systems, the devices produced for this system are more effective and faster. Touch screen, communication with computer via wifi wireless network, ability to work with cloud base, visual and voice messages to direct the user features, has made the use of a very easy.
All palm identification systems have the ability to receive automatic support from Perkotek Call Center. Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian language support is available in models. With the production and sale in series, the price of the palm-vein recognition system has also decreased to a very reasonable level.

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