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Car Parking barrier systems are ideal for controlled and safe passage of vehicles which enter to and exit from parking lots. With barrier arms which can be prepared in 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters and intermediate lengths, you can completely close the transition points and you can allow passing the vehicles which you have given authorisation. Our company which is manufacturer of AVAX car parking barrier systems in Turkey has been exporting and distributing the different types of car parking barriers to dealers and selling directly to end-user customers according to the principles of budget, quality and usability.

AVAX car parking barrier systems are equipped with smart arm, safety photocell and loop detectors and safety packets to prevent damage to passing vehicles. The safety photocell and the loop detector do not move the barrier arm to prevent damage if there is a vehicle under the barrier arm even the button is pressed. Even if the safety photocell and the loop detector fail, the intelligent arm feature detects the object and rises up when it contacts with it under the arm. The opening and closing times vary according to the characteristics of the parking barrier systems and the vehicle passing density in the parking lot to be used. Time intervals from 1 to 6 seconds are available. Equipment that can be used in Car parking barrier systems are as follows.

  • Car Parking barriers
  • Parking barrier passing systems with OGS and HGS
  • Toll car parking system with ticket receiving and delivering
  • Bollard barrier systems
  • Road blocker barrier systems
  • Sliding garden gates

Şimdi bu maddeleri detaylandıralım.


AVAX which has been producing the MN and DZ series of car parking barrier systems, has also considered all types of  budgets. Barriers are sold as a set and each set contains car parking barrier, barrier arm, tripod, safety photocell and remote control receiver transmitter unit . Parking barrier systems can be operated with remote control, as well as with ticket car parking automation, fingerprint -face recognition and card access systems, ogs and hgs vehicle identification systems and start-stop buttons.


In these car parking barrier systems, UHF tags that are attached to the windshield or plate of the vehicles are defined to the car park access control program. Car parking ogs antennas that see the defined vehicles give trigger to the parking barrier for passing of vehicles and passing is provided. It is widely used in sites, public housing, apartments, business centers, factories and plazas.


After receiving the ticket from the parking ticket machine, the parking barrier system at the entrance opens, vehicle can stay in the parking lot for the desired time and gives the ticket to the security booth while exiting . The ticket inspection device is connected to the software and displays the time and charge on the screen. After collection, the exit barrier allows the vehicle to pass. If requested, promotional transitions can be provided, such as free parking allowance, if people purchase goods from the shopping center above a certain amount.


Bollard barrier systems which are used for the places require high level security , even if a vehicle crash or a suicide attack, no possibility to pass . A place with a little moreheight thanBollard barrier is excavated and the Bollard barrier is embed. Connections have been made to oil tank and electrical panel of hydraulic bollard barrier.. Single, double, triple or more bollard barriers can be provided to rise go down at the same time.These systems are a preferation notably for the car parks of Embassies, consulates, military buildings, police centers, plazas, public institutions and establishments, especially the high security needed places. Bollard barriers can be controlled with remote control, as well as with ogs antenna and tags, fingerprint and face recognition devices.


The road blockers used in places where maximum safety is provided are hydraulically operated by oil pressure. A well is excavated and embed as much as the road blocker can fit into it. It can be additionally connected to fixed points with steel anchors. Road blockers that can be produced in lengths from 2 to 4 meters; are used in the entrance of military buildings, embassies, police centers, consulates, public institutions and organizations.


They are used for sliding doors that can be produced from iron, steel or different materials in lengths of 2 meters to 6 meters. AVAX motors which can move 1000 kg, 1200 kg and 1500 kg weight of the garden doors operate with 100%  performance without problems.

You can call us to get detailed information about our products above, request preliminary interview and on-site exploration and demand a sales offer for the system which is suitable for you. We guarantee that you can purchase the parking barrier systems with the cheapest prices and the best quality technical service.

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