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    Cafeteria Control System

    The cafeteria tracking system allows you to take under control meal rights of your personnel in the company dining hall. . With the cafeteria tracking software, it is possible to determine how many times your employees can have meals or regulate that in between which hours they can have meals. You can use this tracking software together with all personnel attendance control devices. You can choose whatever you want from fingerprint, face recognition and card systems, and you can use these devices with turnstile systems which will be placed at the entrances of cafeteria. By means of cafeteria tracking system ,even if your cafeteria has more than one entry, you can find out who enters from which entrance and how much time he / she spends in the cafeteria by taking reports.You can get this reporting on the person basis or department basis as well.

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    Gym Tracking System

    The member tracking system is especially preferred in places such as sports halls and Fitness Centers. With member tracking software, you can easily find out who has entered your gym and what time or how much time he / she spends inside. You can use the member tracking software in accordance with the turnstile systems and all the personnel attendance control devices that you will place at the entrance of your gym.In this way, you can also prevent your member from being in an unauthorized area. With member tracking software, you can also provide your members campaign and discount information via bulk sms. You can also send messages on special days such as birthdays, holy nights and holidays. In these systems, information is automatically transferred to the computer so you can easily follow all the details about the members.

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    Toilet Tracking System

    Companies always want their employees to work with full performance during working hours. Thanks to the toilet tracking software produced for 100% efficiency in companies, you can find out how much extra time your staff spend in the toilet and arrange their monthly salary payments accordingly. Definitely don't think as if you calculate about few cents . Because if you have 100 personnels and each one spends an extra 30 minutes a day in the toilet, it will cause you great financial loss and delay your work. You can use this software with fingerprint, face recognition or card access systems that you will place at the entrance of the toilets.

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    Student Tracking System

    Student tracking software can be used with all personnel attendance control devices. You can also use it with turnstile systems at the entrance and exit areas. So what is the function of it ? Student tracking software allows you to identify the students who are late comers or early leavers. You can also easily identify absentee students. With this software, you can report on this type of information to families and report about the status of the student. You can start to use the student tracking software which is very simple to operate with a short training.

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    Minibus Tracking System

    Minibus tracking software allows you to determine the arrival and departure points of minibus drivers and to learn how long a service takes to be performed . So, how? First of all the minibus drivers' license plates and departure & arrival points are defined to the program. The minibus drivers give information by reading the control pens to the check points at the stops which are located on the route that the minibus will pass. When the pen is inserted into the transfer device, received information can be transferred to the computer via minibus tracking software.

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